About Us

While using our website the main question arises why are we doing this? Why are we providing free of cost coupons and have coupons sorted out for you. Is this a charity work or something we are doing for the benefit mankind, well to be honest it’s none of that and here is the answer to all your FAQ’s

About us

We are a group of college people and young entrepreneurs trying make an impact in this world, but for making a change you have to take the first step and this is our first step towards bringing a positive change, we love to see the people around us smile and what’s better way to do that when you can help them save their hard earned money. Our motto is “get more and pay less” and let me give small description how we really.

How does ClassyDiscounts work?

This group of young individuals work by utilizing the idea of affiliated marketing and I don’t think a lot of people are familiar of the word “affiliate marketing” allow me to give you a little walkthrough that. Our world is changing day by, you see new cars coming out which are better and faster than the previous one and new gadgets coming out every day which makes the old one feel outdated similarly the means of marketing have changed as well. Now a day’s people spend more time on social media or internet and less on TV/roads and that’s where affiliate marketing kicks, So by putting banners or posters on road we won’t be able to cover half the audience as much as we do while using the concept of affiliate marketing. Different brands and products makers reach out to us in order to display their store on our website and they give us coupons based on the traffic they usually get through our site. The team at ClassyDiscounts works day and night in order to provide you with the best available offers out there in the market on your favorite stores. For the sake of your comfort we have already categorized every coupon with their stores and according to their categories, now “saving money” is just a click away from your screen

Our Morals

We live for our values and hold it up high esteem, few of them are following

  • Inovative: everyday this group of young individuals tries to come up with ideas how to make shopping easier and fun for you and we are well on our way on that.
  • Have Fun: We want you to have the best experience of online shopping, instead of it being a hactic job, we try to make it as much fun for you as much we have behind the screens at our workplace
  • Concentrated: whilst having fun at what we do, we try to stay as focused as and widen our minds so we don’t lack behind in this race
  • Friends like Family: At our office we try to make it as casual, so you don’t feel like away from home, one of our worker says that “it has become a second for him”. Whilst keeping it professional. We encourage our workers to interact and create a special bond with each member of the team.
  • Dedication: Each one and every member of our team is dedicated to their work and planning to make a carrier out of this, so your loyalty means a lot to us.

Changing your perspective about deals

ClassyDiscounts aims to provide our customers a place where they can look for all kind of promo codes and deals and become your ultimate sparing destination. Building a bridge between customer and retailers, to fulfill your shopping experience with great pleasure and with a hope that we will be your first priority when you start shopping online again. Our site most of the time is animated by our well worked structure to keep you from the inconvenience and trouble out of date coupons and invalid promo codes! We try our level best that you should not confront any trouble while shopping through our site.

What we offer?

ClassyDiscounts.com is united with top-level brands from various classes including Health and Beauty, Departmental Stores, Home and Garden, Baby and Kids, Gifts and Flowers, Food and Beverage, Jewelry and Watches, Apparel and Clothing, Book, Travel and Hotel, Electronics, Office Accessories, Automobile Accessories, Art And Crafts, Phone And Wireless , Pets, Party Supplies, ,Webhosting, Wedding , Eyewear, Skin Care, Business, Stationery, Event Planners, Automotive, Sports and Outdoor, Online Services, Greeting Cards, Shoes and Hobbies. Under each request, you may discover a few stores furnishing you with the most noteworthy purpose of the points of interest.